Deep Indigo .07 [FeatherTip]
Deep Indigo .07 [FeatherTip]

The Lash Ritual

Deep Indigo .07 [FeatherTip]

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Curl & Length:

Curl & Length


Is it black? Or is it Deep Indigo 🙌 You’ll only notice this color when the sun hits. The most goth color besides black. Available in 16 line Full Size trays of lengths 6-14, and 8 line mini trays of lengths 14-17. C, CC, and M curl. 

The Lash Ritual’s best selling FeatherTip Collection features a deep taper at the tip, giving the feel and appearance of a .05 lash. They are the most matte, opaque, soft color lashes you’ll ever find! FeatherTip lashes are great for airy wispy sets, perfect for wet lash effects/closed fans, or those looking for extra soft lashes. If you feel that .07 color lashes are too “stiff”, you will LOVE the FeatherTip collection. Please note that the FeatherTip collection is custom dyed to order, and each batch may vary in color. We aim to keep this to a minimum, but slight variations may occur. 

The Lash Ritual lashes are for hand crafting volume fans. They are not "Easy Fans", "Pre-made Fans" or "Auto Fans". Lashes are loose at the base when removed from the strip and must be manipulated into a volume fan and dipped into adhesive. 

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