Electro .07 [UV]


Electro .07 [UV]

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Curl & Length:

Curl & Length


An electrifying duo of Electro Peach and Fuchsia Frost. Both feature a white body with UV reactive tips. These 16 line trays come with 1 row of each color in lengths 7-14mm or 11-18mm. 

The Lash Ritual's Ombre collection is made for creating the most unique lash sets with ease. Use across the entire lash line for a bold look, layer with black for contrast, add to the inner or outer corners - the possibilities are endless!

The Lash Ritual lashes are for hand crafting volume fans. They are not "Easy Fans", "Pre-made Fans" or "Auto Fans". Lashes are loose at the base when removed from the strip and must be manipulated into a volume fan and dipped into adhesive.