Pure White .07 [UV] [FeatherTip]
Pure White .07 [UV] [FeatherTip]
Pure White .07 [UV] [FeatherTip]
Pure White .07 [UV] [FeatherTip]

The Lash Ritual

Pure White .07 [UV] [FeatherTip]

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Curl & Length:

Curl & Length


The most opaque white. UV reactive - glows a ghoulish blue! 👻 Available in 16 line Full Size trays of lengths 6-14, and 8 line mini trays of lengths 14-17. C, CC, and M curl. 

PLEASE NOTE: While vibrant, TLR Neon Lash Collection do not glow on their own. They are activated by UV/blacklight. Be sure to add one to your cart at checkout to get the full effect.

The Lash Ritual’s best selling FeatherTip Collection features a deep taper at the tip, giving the feel and appearance of a .05 lash. They are the most matte, opaque, soft color lashes you’ll ever find! FeatherTip lashes are great for airy wispy sets, perfect for wet lash effects/closed fans, or those looking for extra soft lashes. If you feel that .07 color lashes are too “stiff”, you will LOVE the FeatherTip collection 🙌🏻

The Lash Ritual lashes are for hand crafting volume fans. They are not "Easy Fans", "Pre-made Fans" or "Auto Fans". Lashes are loose at the base when removed from the strip and must be manipulated into a volume fan and dipped into adhesive. 

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