Rainbow Mini .05 [MEGA]
Rainbow Mini .05 [MEGA]

The Lash Ritual

Rainbow Mini .05 [MEGA]

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A little slice of rainbow - like an 8 layer cake. Use these trays for spikes, “skunk stripes”, or collect multiple lengths for full sets!

One line of each:
Red, Neon Pink (UV), Neon Orange (UV) , Neon Yellow (UV), Green, Light Blue, Blue, Violet.

3 UV colors (Pink, Orange, Yellow) glow under blacklight. Single length trays in .05 CC and L curl .05 diameter.

The Lash Ritual's MEGA collection is made for creating full & fluffy mega volume color sets without weighing down the lash line, or for clients with weak or sparse lashes who cant handle .07's. Specialty segmented length trays are designed to give you MORE of the lengths you need, and only the lengths that you want.

The Lash Ritual lashes are for hand crafting volume fans. They are not "Easy Fans", "Pre-made Fans" or "Auto Fans". Lashes are loose at the base when removed from the strip and must be manipulated into a volume fan and dipped into adhesive. 


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