Neon Yellow .07 [UV] [Russian]

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Neon Yellow .07 [UV] [Russian]

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Curl & Length:

Curl & Length


Neon, UV reactive yellow. Bright on their own, and glow out of this world under blacklight. Mixed length trays contain 16 rows with 2 lines of each length 6mm to 13mm to create Russian Volume looks. Silk finish, semi-shine. Available in L, M, and CC curls. PLEASE NOTE: While vibrant, TLR Neon Lash Collection do not glow on their own. They are activated by UV/blacklight. Be sure to add one to your cart at checkout to get the full effect.

The Lash Ritual's Russian Volume Collection was made for creating traditional Russian Volume lash sets. You know those short, neat, and perfectly dense lash lines we admire from Russian Lash Masters? Russian Collection trays come with the traditional lengths of 6mm to 13mm for creating density. These .07 lash fibers feature a short taper at the tip to keep that top line nice and tight. For best results, create narrow, symmetrical fans of 2-6D and utilize Russian Volume Layering to create a bold lash line.

The Lash Ritual lashes are for hand crafting volume fans. They are not "Easy Fans", "Pre-made Fans" or "Auto Fans". Lashes are loose at the base when removed from the strip and must be manipulated into a volume fan and dipped into adhesive.