Where To Find Color Lash Ideas *BESIDES* Other Lash Artists

Where To Find Color Lash Ideas *BESIDES* Other Lash Artists

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IMO, there's nothing wrong with searching #colorlash hastags on Instagram and replicating color schemes you love. But this doesn't have to be the only option! If you want to come up with new color schemes on your own, try these 5 sources of inspiration:

1. Nail Art Design

nail art hashtag on instagram
Search nail art hashtags on IG and tiktok for amazing color schemes! Even better, team up with a local nail artist to collab on a nail and lash set and get some great content. 

2. Nature

sunset photos on google
Think sunsets, plants and flowers, tropical birds, the ocean. You can use Google, Pinterest, or IG for this. Try keywords and hashtags such as: "Tropical Birds", "Birds of Paradise", "Orchid", "Tropical Flowers", "Sunset", "Night Sky", etc. Or, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere that these things are abundant, take a walk outside!

3. Color Palette Generator App

coolor color palette generator app
I recently started using the free iPhone app called "Coolors" to quickly generate unique color palettes. There are a few apps like this you can choose from, but Coolors has been my favorite so far because it's so fast to generate new colors. Of course you wont always be able to find exact color matches in the form of lash extensions, but you can get pretty dang close ;)

4. Vivid Hair Color

vivid hair color hashtag on instagram
Being a fan of vivid hair color myself, and coming from a salon background, the Vivid Hair industry was a major inspiration for me to start The Lash Ritual in the first place. I watched hair colorist shift and base their entire career on vivid coloring only, and hair color brands that specialized in alternative hair color were popping up left and right! Of course we cant forget the OG Manic Panic. If vivid hair art didn't exist, The Lash Ritual may not have become a reality. I follow a handful of vivid hair colorist on Instagram and often mimic their hair creations as lash sets. As with nails, you can also team up with a local vivid colorist to collab on a set!

5. Pop Art

pop art image search results
Pop Art has the COOLEST color schemes! Search for art by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and others and get inspired.

These are just 5 examples that you can use to find color set inspo. Let me know if you have any more unique sources of inspiration in the comments :)


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What great ideas! I never thought about looking at nail art!

What great ideas! I never thought about looking at nail art!

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